Internationale solidariteit


Na de ontruiming kwam er een vloedgolf aan steunbetuigingen, kaartjes, briefen, soli-acties en benefieten van binnen- en buitenland . Hier een kleine selectie.


From the Red and Black umbrella - social centre CARDIFF

To the detainees,

We at the Red and Black Umbrella wish to express our unconditional solidarity with all 11 detainees who were taken captive after bravely defending the squat Ubica .

Your actions (while not needing any) were more than justified. In the face of ever widening austerity and repression across prison fortress europe, these spaces are valuable parts of the community providing space for creativity to blossom and the individual to realise themselves. When taken we lose a home/meeting place/hideout/workshop or any number of other things that the mind can create of a space.

Your actions were not in vain. We all know that it is only a matter of time once the eviction process begins, that the loss of the building is inevitable. But our strength is not only in keeping the bricks and mortar, it is in the home we make of it in our hearts. It is not only in the ferocity with which we defend it but in the shared pain that we feel when a space is lost. These ideas and emotions transcend language, borders, class and fuel fires in the hearts of comrades the world over.

Fuck the law! Squat the world!

Kraken gaat door! Mae sgwotio’n parhau! Squatting coninues!


NN solidarity leter

For the attention of Denny, Aaron, Skinny, Rogier, Isa, Clyde, NN3,
Michiel de Sieb.

The arrogant and paranoid rush for power attempts firstly to close off all
possibility of lack-of-control, then turns in on its claimed territory to
eradicate any pathogenic vitality that explodes despite.

We huddled together on a freshly occupied roof, overlooking numerous
impotent uniforms and panicked bureaucrats, to reflect on those of us far
away in distance and context, but close in the transient identity forced
upon us by constant violence, shooting flames up from the coals shoved
under our feet.

We share our love and our rage with you, because sharing does not divide
them but amplifies. We know from experience the strength in the bars
across our windows to be no more than a pathetically weak manifestation of
such a tenuous business-as-usual, and we know their time to be somewhere
else and limited while ours is both here and endless.

We have been with you, we are with you now, we will be with you.

Solidarity from those who individually and together have lost too many
homes to count - but also created more than they could ever steal to sell
back to us, against all captivity inside and outside of prisons, for this
community created in the struggle for liberation to transcend resistance
and survival. Autonomy and mutual aid.

All they can take from us is what we took from them. Our dreams and our
passions are untouchable.
Stay safe; stay dangerous.


Solidariteitsactie in Nijmegen voor Arrestanten Ubica

Vandaag hebben we de slaperige ochtendspits op station Nijmegen wakkergeschud met een solidariteitsactie voor de Ubica arrestanten. Een kanariegeel spandoek is pal voor het station uitgerold. Meer dan vijfhonderd flyers en posters met de tekst "VRIJHEID VOOR UBICA ARRESTANTEN, RUGGENGRAAT TOT IN NIJMEGEN!" zijn door de stad verspreid. De tekst op de flyer hekelt het gebrek aan plannen van Vloet en het waarschijnlijke gevolg ervan; verkrotting van de Ubica panden. Ook wordt een verband gelegd met leegstand en woningnood in Nijmegen. De tekst eindigt met:
"Geen ontruiming voor leegstand! Kraak de wereld! Vrijheid voor de Ubica arrestanten!